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Galima išgirsti užsienyje: TAIP (stotį galima klausytis per internetą esant užsienyje)
Internetinis adresas: nėra
Grojama daina: nėra

Our Uptempo Smooth Jazz Channel is complimentary to the initial Sky Smooth Jazz service that was launched back in 2004.

Jimi King is responsible for the programme content on both streams and says of the latest addition, “It was apparent from the material being released in the Smooth Jazz genre that most of the artists want to inject a little more energy from time to time and it was a shame to overlook these tracks because they don’t quite fit the mood of our more conventional smooth jazz service. The Uptempo Smooth Jazz channel is the answer to the problem.

I also see it as a sort of “breakfast morning drive” sort of mix. Although I have since heard that the terrestrial US smooth jazz stations don’t actually tend to vary the mix much during morning drive, so we may be out on a limb somewhat here. However I feel that the content on Uptempo Smooth Jazz is very much the recipe to share with your morning coffee or to get you motivated for your working day.”

And since it’s available 24 hours a day it’s yours to use at whatever time you feel inspired to tune in and lift your spirits. Don’t be surprised though if you feel the urge to dance!

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