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More Than Just Another Radio Station

"Give us a few minutes of your time and you will like all of it. Listen for an hour or two and you'll find it very difficult to tear yourself away."

So says our Jimi King, the man responsible for programming SKY.fm Smooth Jazz, and having a great amount of past experience with other smooth jazz projects in Great Britain.

Quality Really Does Matter

Jimi has over 30 years in the music and radio business behind him. He claims that the selection process for the tracks that are included here is an extremely meticulous one:

"It's clear from the feedback that because the smooth jazz genre only has so few releases per year, many programmers out there put in more tracks that normally wouldn't make it. I am more interested in quality than quantity."

Many albums from the genre's top performers often end up contributing only a track or two. If it doesn't make the grade, it doesn't go on the air.

Addictive For a Reason

Jimi also claims there's a secret ingredient in the selection of the tracks that make up the smooth jazz channel, and needless to say he's keeping it to himself (well hey it wouldn't be a secret otherwise, would it?)

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