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SKY.fm Roots Reggae features the best of classic and modern roots reggae. You can expect to hear nuff tunes from Culture, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Burning Spear, the Wailing Souls and "all of the standards" of the seventies and early eighties. Although there are no plans to add dub tracks, you will hear the occasional DJ or early dancehall tune. These will be augmented by deeper cuts from well-known albums as well as tracks from rarities still available only in their original LP format.

You will also be exposed to the rebirth of modern roots reggae, bands from around the world such as Midnite, Groundation, Soldiers of Jah Army, Dezarie and many more, some artists who are well-known as well as regional favorites from such far-flung locales as Brazil, Scandinavia and New Zealand. Yes, roots reggae is currently enjoying a renaissance all over the globe, and you'll hear it all right here.

Your selectah DJ Bahilman has nearly five years experience in reggae webcasting and has the pulse of the rootical massive. The thousands of tracks are in rotation will allow you to sample the full wealth of roots reggae from the past and present, and new tracks will be added frequently - Bahilman always keeps up to date on the latest releases, and also is constantly searching for rare vinyl to add to the mix.

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