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Šmaikštus ir savikritiškas James Blunt paskelbtas neoficialiu...

Paskelbta: 2014-01-03 16:03
Šmaikštus ir savikritiškas James Blunt paskelbtas neoficialiu
James Blunt. [Shutterstock nuotr.]
Galima nemėgti hito "You're Beautiful" atlikėjo Jameso Blunto dainų, tačiau negalima nesižavėti jo humoro jausmu ir savikritiškumu.

2013-ais išleidęs naują albumą "Moon Landing" James įrodė, kad turi ir tikrai aštrų liežuvį (o gal reikia sakyti - aštrią klaviatūrą?) - per šiuos metus jis savo "Twitter" paskyroje ne tik stoiškai atlaikė "heiterių" komentarus, bet ir labai šmaikščiai į juos atsakinėjo, todėl "The Poke" svetainė paskelbė jį 2013-ųjų "Twitter" karaliumi.

Publikuojame 30 juokingiausių Jameso atsakymų (anglų kalba):

James Blunt just has an annoying face and a highly irritating voice
James Blunt: And no mortgage

Does anyone still care about James Blunt?
James Blunt: Thanks for asking.

my grandma just called james blunt a queer
James Blunt: Only coz I turned her down.

I must be 1 of only 2 who genuinely likes every @jamesblunt song. The other person being him.
James Blunt: Nope, you're on your own.

Oh god...who let James Blunt release another album?!
James Blunt: Your god can't hear you. He's listening to track 3.

Bloody hell, why is James Blunt still going??
James Blunt: Viagra and coffee mostly.

I have this dire need to listen to James Blunt when I'm menstruating
James Blunt: Useful feedback. I'll pass this onto my marketing team.

Holy cunting Christ, your music makes me want to cave my own skull in with a hammer!
James Blunt: Be my guest.

Fucking James blunt
James Blunt: What would you like to be doing right now?

James blunt is a cunt
James Blunt: I foresee your career in poetry.

James blunt is one ugly mother fucker
James Blunt: And how's your modelling career going?

Every time that James Blunt opens his mouth I'd like to punch him in it
James Blunt: Glad you're not my dentist.

I cannot put into words how much I hate James Blunt
James Blunt: Try singing it.

@JamesBlunt why you only got 200k followers?
James Blunt: Jesus only needed twelve.

Why does James Blunt have a new album and why would people want that?
James Blunt: I'm guessing you're a philosopher.

I want to kick James Blunt... repeatedly... I dont know why
James Blunt: Easy spelling mistake, as K and L are right beside each other.

Who is a bigger twat: James Blunt or Robin Thicke?
James Blunt: Me! Me! Pick me!

Jesus christ, James Blunt's got a new album out. Is there anything else that can go wrong?
James Blunt: Yes. He could start tweeting you.

James Blunt's back with a new single! This my be the worst thing that's happened in my life.
James Blunt: Good sense of perspective there.

Why does James Blunt sing like his willy is being stood on?
James Blunt: Damn thing's always getting caught under my feet.

Who the fuck is cheering for fucking James Blunt??
James Blunt: My mum's in the audience.

Fuck you james blunt
James Blunt: I'm sorry, but you'll have to get to the back of the queue.

Out of 10 how gay is it that I like James Blunt's new song?
James Blunt: This one goes to eleven...

I love James Blunt as much as I love herpes.
James Blunt: I love that you're not ashamed to admit you have both.

James Blunt is a pathetic cunt #obviousrhymes
James Blunt: RT @Jamesmlvc JamesMLVC smells a little bit of wee #notsoobviousrhyme

James Blunt. What a twat he is.
James Blunt: Like Yoda you speak.

I try to hate James blunt but I can't
James Blunt: You obviously went to one of those schools where everyone got a prize.

2 bullets, one gun, James Blunt and Noel Edmunds.. Without doubt
James Blunt: I preferred "2 girls, 1 cup", but whatever you're into.

People who think you're beautiful -
1. Your parents
2. James Blunt
James Blunt: Only I was drunk at the time.

I thought James Blunt died?
James Blunt: I did, but you'll NEVER guess what happened on the third day!?

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