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Inculto - Jurgeli meistreli

Pop pop bubble gum pop
No one really cares if it“s good or not
It“s something you chew, though nothing you“d swallow
That fix that you like leaves you hungry and hollow
Hungry for meaning or maybe an end
you“re yearning for something that you can“t comprehend

jurgeli meistreli
its fresh and its yummy
till you“ve sucked out the taste
enjoy the juicy flavour
put the essence to waste

Con con TV icon
you can“t have any fun unless you play along
its larger than life, beyond expectations
who cares if its real, if it fuels your temptations
we“ll make kiddy prophets, construct them from scratch
deposit your faith, love attention and cash

jurgeli meistreli
you“ve got a pretty package
i wonder what“s inside
under the clothes and make up
have you got feeling s to hide?

Me care? Why should I care?
You set the rules and I play fair
you get what you want, you think you get pleasure
your craving for gold makes me design burried treasure
thats shiny and sparkly, and charged up with hype
you“re part of the fad you thought you weren“t the type

jurgeli meistreli
we come in gold and silver
pretend you“ve got a choice
and scream while no one“s listening
be glad you“ve got a voice
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